Quality meals for every taste

Quality meals for every taste

When it comes time to choose a restaurant for an event, a 1-on-1, or an outing amongst friends and family, the menu is the key element to consider. At l’Odyssée, on top of offering one of the most enjoyable ambiances, we have a vast selection of dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy.  We also offer a selection of vegetarian and gluten-free meals.

L'Odyssée resto ambiance. Restaurant Drummondville. Image.
L'Odyssée resto ambiance. Restaurant Drummondville. Image.

An extraordinary ambiance for your small and big events

L’Odyssée starts the evening off with a relaxing lounge music feel which continuously evolves as the night progresses, finishing off with rhythm. This experience is accentuated by the visual projections on our big-screens, which comes together to offer a unique ambiance in Drummondville.

The Odyssée experience is one of comfort, where music and décor combine to create the perfect setting for a 4-7 between friends, a 1-on-1, family dinner or an outing between colleagues.

Don’t delay reserve now and take advantage of our new terrace on the 2nd floor for your private events.


Our menu of entrees and finger-foods are great to share after a night out at a show, spots event, or after a movie, where a musical experience is wanted.

About l’Odyssée

L’Odyssée Resto Ambiance offers an experience which is unique in Drummondville and its surroundings. Our restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Drummondville, prides itself on its extensive, quality menu, which are prepared with care and explode with flavour. All our meals are prepared using fresh ingredients. This includes the fish, the pastas, and the local favourites. We aim to source our ingredients locally, as often as possible.

Whether we’re talking about the layout of the terrace, our private lounges, or our bar, the trendy style of our restaurant is bound to charm you. No detail is left out to offer you the best possible atmosphere in which to feel inspired. We hold your well-being at heart, and make your satisfaction, our uttermost preoccupation.

L'Odyssée Restaurant Drummondville